botiga’s choice
botiga’s choice
Bluetooth Car Kit
Your exclusive high-tech assistant.
One Click Technology

No need to install another app. One-click wake up AI assistant. Easily assign voice tasks such as navigation, calling family, sending Facebook voice messages, and more.

Smart Touchpad & Shortcut Keys Buttons

The middle part is a touchpad. When you move your fingers on the touchpad, you will be moving a mouse on your phone screen. Smart touch control helps you not miss important calls while driving, making your sight focused on the road. The prominent buttons around the touchpad are used like shortcut keys for a quick operation for skip tracks, pause songs, return home page, etc.

Extensive Compatibility

Support for Android 6.0+ Smartphones with Bluetooth like Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi etc. When you go back to your car and turn on TouchAi, it will immediately recognize and reconnect to your phone.(Samsung cellphones need to download Google Assistant).

Long Usage Time

70 hours working time and 200 hours standby time. Supporting 1.5 hours fast charging and red light flashing slowly as low battery indicator.

Quick & Stable Signal

We recommend you install TouchAi around the shift lever to achieve a better signal connection without interference to the car's own Bluetooth signal. Easy to install with magnetic design and round metal pad.