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Baking Brush and Spatula
Quality you can count on day after day.
Type:Brush and Spatula
Useful Design

Both products can easily withstand high temperatures and will not deform and smell. Perfect for scraping, stirring, and folding a wide variety of foods. The spatula has rounded edges for scraping bowls and a square edge for pushing batter into pan corners.

Safe Materials

Designed with 100% certificated food grade silicone, odor-resistant. Easy to use and clean and are dishwasher safe. Toss all the dirty dishes and utensils in the dishwasher to have an easy clean up when you are done cooking.


The Baking Brush & Spatula are made with 100% FDA food grade nonstick silicone, BPA-free, no phthalates. They will not crack, mold, peel, warp, absorb odors, or fade. Designed for durability and quality you can count on day after day.