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Baking Muffin Pan (6 cups)
For baking, molding, and so much more.
Type:Muffin Pan (6 cups)
Great and Safe Quality

The Baking Muffin Pan is designed with 100% certificated food grade silicone and passes US FDA tests making it safe for baking and molding. It easily withstands heats up to 500°F, freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and is dishwasher safe.

Just Pop-Out and Serve

With just a quick twist, the flexible Baking Muffin Pan pops your muffins right out. This spotless and odor-resistant pan leaves less oil or butter on your cakes. Perfect for a quick and easy clean up.

Use It For Everything

The Baking Muffin Pan lets you get creative in the kitchen. Non-stick silicone makes it great for not only muffins and cupcakes, but individual gelatin molds, cookie ice cream cups, and even mini soufflés.